How Much Does "Big Brother" Government Tax You?

With all their taxes, don't you think if "Big Brother" governments could fix things, they would have done so by now?

Free Report Reveals...

Voters Guide to Issues that Affect Your Rights and Taxes

The theft of your Rights, your Freedoms, and your Money!
• The false perception that Big Brother governments can fix things!
• Elected officials creating career jobs for themselves!
• Unrealistic expectation that governments should involve themselves in social issues!


The Freedom Brigade of the American Republic

Together, it is WE the people, who can...

  • • Repeal existing sales-based taxes and prevent future sales taxes!
  • • Repeal existing income-based taxes and prevent future income taxes!
  • • Limit elected officials, at all levels, to two terms of four years each!
  • • Repeal all subsidy, assistance, and grant programs!
  • • Privatize all limited access highways, bridges, and tunnels!
  • • Privatize all public transportation systems!
  • • Privatize parks and public recreation facilities!


*Membership only available to residents of the United States, US Territories, the District of Columbia, and the 3 overseas Armed forces listings.

Our Leadership

H. F. Parkhurst, President

An Army veteran, Harry was a successful, international Architectural Interior Designer for 45 years. After retiring, he sought a new outlet for his creative mind. He began to develop his skills as a political science fiction novelist. For 7 years, he was the primary care giver for his wife of 32 years until her passing in May of 2017. After her death he felt he had fulfilled his life’s purpose and thought he would die as well. When he didn’t die, he realized his life’s purpose was yet to be fulfilled.

A patriot, he believes that if Big Brother governments, with all their taxes could fix things, they would have done so by now.

He started the Cranefeather Society. This was followed by the creation of the Freedom Brigade. Their purpose is to change the false perception that Big Brother governments can fix things. The Brigade will gather like-minded individuals to combine their voices and votes to ensure community, state, and federal governments follow the principals of our American Republic Constitution and Bill of Rights.